10 Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bills!

Everybody needs to eat but that doesn’t mean you’ve got to break the bank trying to pay for groceries. It’s ridiculous the amount of money people spend on groceries every week, and I am telling you right now that if you spend $40 dollars or more per person a week then you  are spending way too much!

Honestly, I think even spending $30 per person per week is still a little ridiculous because there are people who live on less than half of that. If you consistently use these tips to save and put them to practice every week then I can guarantee that you will save hundreds of dollars a groceries.


1.) Create a Meal Plan

Americans waste $165 Billion Dollars each year on food that they end up throwing away! That’s $517 per person! I think you will agree when I say that I would rather have that $517 instead of spending it on food that just gonna get thrown out.

A meal plan is a perfect way to prevent you from buying more than you need which saves you a lot of cash to do whatever you want with. Meal plans are simply just your meals for the week(or month) and what you plan to eat.


2.) Make a List and Stick to it

Using your meal plan, you can create a list of everything that you need for your meals.

The hardest part about creating a list is actually sticking to it. This is especially difficult when grocery stores are constantly marketing to you without you even realizing.

Stores will organize their products so the pricier stuff is easy to see, and they will play slow music to get you to go slower and see all of their products. They are tempting you to spend more!

Don’t fall for their trickery! Ruin their evil plans by eating before you go to the store so you aren’t tempted to buy any snacks, and get out of there as quick as possible. The less time you’re in there, the less you’ll be tempted to spend.


3.) Coupons

Coupons are amazing! Coupons can save you hundreds if you use them right. The savings that a person can make with coupons is so amazing that there is a show dedicated to people who save hundreds of dollars in just one shopping trip!

I don’t know if I could do what they do, but I do know that I can easily cut coupons and save a few bucks which will definitely add up over time to be hundreds of dollars worth of savings.

Check out my whole post on coupons to learn how to save as much as possible.


4.) Deals

BOGO, clearance, sales, etc. are all things that you should be looking for before and during your shopping trips. It’s best to wait for an item to go on sale first and then buy it in bulk, and it’s even better if you can match deals with a coupon. Don't buy something just because it's on sale because it can still be far more expensive than another brand whose normal price is way cheaper and has more .


5.)Buy Off Brand or Store Brand

Never be brand loyal. Companies try to make their customers brand loyal so that they can charge you more and more. Yes, You can like a certain company but you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one because that will limit how much you will be able to save overall.

Off brand or store brand items may taste different from the original but you’ll be saving a lot if you do this switch, and eventually your taste buds will adapt to the change in taste to a point where you won’t even notice.


6.) Cut Out Meats

Meat is really pricey, and I know all those meat lovers out there really want to just skip this tip but please listen. I am not saying you should completely cut out meat but it would help your budget significantly if you abstained from meat for at least one week out of the month.

Plus, real unprocessed meat rarely goes on sale so you will often have to buy it at retail/full price which sucks if you don't have the budget for it. Try beans or something else instead!


7.)Create a Tiny Garden

Healthy food costs so much in stores. Herbs, fruit, and vegetables all cost so much, especially in the long run. You don’t have to build a whole farm to save money but you could build a tiny herb garden on your windowsill, or grow some carrots and potatoes out in the back yard.

It will definitely save you a good bit of cash to have some homegrown food and if you want to give yourself an extra fun challenge then you could make one or two meals each week that only have homegrown ingredients in it. You could invite over the family and have them be amazed!


8.)Get Frozen Fruits, Veggies, and Meat

Freezing your food will make it last for longer and reduce how much food you throw away each month. This is especially good if you can get a great deal on meat because then you can buy it all in bulk and save it for another week. As long as you keep them frozen, they should still be nice and ripe for whatever meal or recipe that you want to use them in. I can tell you right now that frozen fruit makes for the best smoothies; They are just so much sweeter and refreshing without the need for ice to cool them down.


9.)Check Out Other Stores

Again, don’t be loyal to any brand, store, company, etc. There are so many deals that you are missing out on if aren’t flexible with where you shop.

I can hear the voices of opposition now!

“But [Enter Store Name Here] always has the best deals!” How would you know!? You don’t look anywhere else!

“My store says they’ve got the best deal, and I trust them!” Would they really tell you if there were better prices somewhere else?

A store isn’t gonna tell you when there are better deals somewhere else! That’s why you have to go out and hunt for those deal yourself.


10.) Compare Prices

Compare the prices between brands, stores, deals, etc. Check everywhere because you never know when a better deal will pop up. If you don’t have the time to do too much research then you can do a quick price comparison at the store by looking at different brands.

The best way to compare prices is to look at the price per ounce. If you are comparing two different brands, and the first one is $3 for a 50 ounce bottle while the second brand is $2 for a 25 ounce then the first product is going to be the better choice since it is 6 cents per ounce instead of 8 cents per ounce.  To find the price per ounce then you the number of ounces from the whole price

Price per Ounce = Price/Ounces

Never pay full price for anything, and never allow any brand to scam you with their ridiculously high prices. Just using a few of these tips will definitely save you hundreds. Stay Wealthy my Friends!

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