Goals for the End of 2016!

Goals for the End of 2016!

I’ve never believed in waiting for miracles to happen; If you want something then go get it. Find a way to make your dream into a reality. Hard work, planning, setting realistic goals and having the determination to complete those goals are what really makes your future yours.

Once you start planning out your dreams into manageable steps, then you turn your dream into a goal; a goal, unlike a dream, is not only attainable but it can take you further than you even dared to imagine.

You know how in novels, there is always this miracle event or person who comes into the main character’s life and unlocks or shows the main character their true potential? Well, you can’t guarantee that that miracle will ever come so you have to be your own miracle. You and you alone can unlock your true potential. Start making goals and investing into your future.

Take at look at my goals for the rest of 2016:

September Goals:

  • Create social media pages on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. COMPLETE
  • Redo About Me page. COMPLETE
  • Build up my blog post ideas list to 50 ideas. COMPLETE

I realize that September is over now but I just wanted to show you the things that I accomplished so far. When I first start creating the social media sites, I didn’t realize how difficult it was going to be to not only set it up but to link the accounts to WealthyWorker so it took me a while.


October Goals:

  • Create 15 posts/ 3-4 posts per week. Total 20.
  • Start FBA Business.
  • Upload posts every week to Pinterest and Facebook.
  • Upload 3 times ever work day to Twitter.

Once I start the FBA business, I will definitely tell you how it went with a full list of what I bought and how much I sold them for; I’ll give you all the details I can. Trust me, it will be a master list on the process of creating an FBA Business because it has already become a difficult and long journey, and I want to help out those who don’t even know what I’m talking about right now.


November Goals:

  • Create 15 posts/3-4 per week. Total 35.
  • Start uploading to YouTube and monetization.
  • Begin Affiliate Marketing.
  • Have 5,000 page views.

Hopefully, this month will also be the month that I create my first income report. Honestly, I’m gonna create an Income report even if I only make a dollar because that’s always something that I wanted to see from other blogs. As a blogger who is just starting out, I really wanted to see when they made their first dollar and why? I wanted to see how fast their income started to grow after their first dollar but I never saw that. So I guess I’ll do it for other upcoming bloggers and maybe it will inspire somebody to start their own blog.


December Goals:

  • Create 15 posts/3-4 per week. Total 50.
  • Earn a monthly income of $100

The earned income MUST come from either my blog or FBA Business. I have a part-time job but I am definitely not gonna count that into the income report since my goal is to become self-employed.

For each month I will do at least 15 posts even if I have to do all 15 the week before the month ends. However, I want to do 20 or more and that’s what I truly want to push for in these next couple months so wish me luck! I’ll definitely have a lot of late nights trying to do this.

I don’t plan on having a specific schedule for these posts yet so whenever they get finished then they will be posted. That will change once I’ve reached my post goal of 50 after December ends; I’ll probably have them posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Now that you see what I’m up to, what are your plans for the next couple months?

What are your goals and how are you going to accomplish them?

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