How to be Successful With These Steps

Just have the discipline needed to get the job done.

That’s it. The best thing you can do for yourself if you truly want to be successful is to have the discipline to actually accomplish your goals. Most people don’t have that discipline so they fail; they end up blaming circumstances.

They will direct the blame everywhere except within.

Most new year’s goals fail within the first month of being created. They fail because not only do people not create a plan; they don’t work towards it. They don’t allow it to become a part of their daily routine.

Don’t destroy your goal before you’ve even started! Make it a habit to work towards your goal every single day. Dedicate every minute you can to it because those minutes are going to mean the difference between failure and success.

When you hear about others and their success, you hardly ever hear that they were automatically the best. No. It took time for them to master those skills. It took long nights and early mornings to build. They pushed on and worked hard until they got what they wanted.

The grind is what makes it your goals and plans come to life but if you don’t grind then nothing will happen and you will become stagnant. You will end up in a constant loop where you build up this idea and when you actually have to grind, you don’t.

I’ve seen it time and time where people, including myself, will start a project and won’t go through with it because they “got caught up in something” or it “wasn’t convenient for them”.

A true goal is not meant to be convenient.

It’s meant to be a challenge. That’s why it was created! It is an addition to your day that you have to act on and it can be difficult. It can be something nearly impossible to do but it is there for a reason!

Why would that extra activity there if there was no reason for it?

Have enough discipline to go through all of the gritty bits and stay focused on the purpose. Remind yourself why you are doing this, and push away any feelings of doubt because that will destroy any discipline you have.

Of course, you are not automatically going to be well disciplined overnight so I have compiled a little list of things you can do to strengthen yourself. So practice them and make them habits.


1.) Turn Your Dreams Into Goals

If there isn’t a step-by-step plan being created then it is just a dream.

“I want to lose healthier!”

“I want to build a business!”

“I want to change the world!”

“I want…”

"I want..."

"I want..."

Those are all nice dreams! It’s great to want to make the world better or to just be better but those aren’t action words. Those aren’t the words that will change anything, in your world or anyone else’s world.

“I will become a healthier person by losing 10 pounds within the next two month. To accomplish this goal I will exercise 30 minutes every day during my off hours and I will go on the Paleo diet.

If I can’t exercise during my off hours because I’m too busy then I’ll do an hour the next day or I’ll wake up early or go to bed later.

If the Paleo diet isn’t working for me then I will try a different diet but under no circumstance will I give up.”

That is a goal. Not only is it concise but it recognizes that things happen. Events come up! Things happen and things will always happen but that’s not a reason to get off track and lose sight of your goal.

It also recognizes that if something doesn’t work out then change is acceptable. It’s okay to make changes to your plan as long as you get to the same place in the end.

In the end, your goal needs to be something precise that you can follow along with and make sure that you can stay on task with. If you don’t then how are you going to know when you are falling behind? How are you going to make sure that you are grinding enough? By knowing exactly what you need to do, you make it easier to force yourself to get the job done.


2.) Know When to Treat Yourself

For every baby step you complete, give yourself a little reward. Rewards will help keep you going and eventually you’ll get to the point where you don’t even need a reward; the satisfaction of completing the job will become the reward and when that happens, you will know that you have not only created a beautiful rewards system for yourself but you have also created something inside yourself that all successful people have.

So make sure that every step deserves a reward to go with it because it doesn’t have to be all work and no play; it can turn work into play. The grind of everyday life can be great and incredibly fun if you make it fun for yourself.

However, you shouldn’t just randomly give yourself treats. If you gave yourself a treat without actually doing all of the work then what’s the point of using the treat system? Set up your treat system beforehand and stick to it. That is the best thing you can do for yourself.

And don’t even think about trying to trick yourself into getting that reward early. Just because it was a hard day today or the task was more difficult than you thought, that doesn’t mean that you should get the reward early.


3.) Do Self-Evaluations

Would you fire yourself? If you were meant to complete your chosen goal as a part of your job, would you keep yourself as an employee or would you fire yourself?

It’s simple questions like these that can change a person’s whole perspective on things and it doesn’t have to be from an employer’s point of view; It could be a question like “Is this something that my friends/family/kids can gain inspiration from?”

If you can’t honestly say yes then figure out what you can do to change that !

Re-visit your goal and see where you went wrong. Once you figure that out then the next step is to move on with the knowledge that you will do better.

Don’t let any failures or mistakes consume you or make you lose focus because obstacles will come up so just deal with them when they come and allow them to make you better than you were before.

These tips will help you build your discipline and help you reach your goal but only if you make a conscious effort to do them every day. By turning them into habits, it won’t seem like an extra part of your day. Instead, it will become a part of your natural, daily routine.

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