How I Spent Less Than $100 Dollars On Groceries In February

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February was actually a really good month for me.

I dedicated an extra hour per week to my grocery shopping and saved 10 extra dollars on my small grocery budget!

And I spent less than $25 each week!

In total, I only Spent around $98 for February.

Now, I’ve got a solid extra $40 bucks in my pocket to pay for gas so you could say I’m quite happy about it all.


My Normal Spending

I have a weekly budget of 35$ a week for groceries. That takes cares of my food and my boyfriend's food for the week.

Yes, we do make some sacrifices like buying only cereal that’s BOGO and not necessarily what we love or not buying sugary drinks which is really hard for us since we’re sugar addicts, but it’s worth it to keep an extra few bucks in the bank.

However, I do not sacrifice my health to save more.

I admit that I did sacrifice my health for the first few weeks of my budget but I started to feel sick so I quickly stopped. Turns out Ramen isn't the best for you :/

But now, I do not find it worth it if it’s just gonna cost me a huge medical bill later or even just the exhaustion that comes from a bad diet.

Also, I’m a bit of a foodie so I do my best to not sacrifice taste either because if I’m gonna be cooking up some grub to eat then you know it’s gonna taste good because my mama didn’t raise me without some standards.

How I Plan For A Shopping Trip

The first thing I do is pull up Excel on my laptop and set up my basic meal plan template which looks like this:

It’s nothing fancy. Just something to keep me organized.

I only plan for dinners since we usually just eat eggs & toast or cereal for breakfast and then eat leftovers for lunch.

A little trick you could use is to have a tab that is just a list of all the meals that your family likes which makes it a lot easier to plan for the week.

If you want to go the extra mile then you can also add the ingredients for each meal so that you never forget anything.

Once that’s all set up, I go to my grocery store’s website to see what deals are going on and then I’ll look at my meals to see what would be the cheapest meals to do for that week.

I’ll also look at the coupons available on the site and what coupons I have to see if the match any deals. Sometimes they do. A lot of the times they don’t but that’s my fault because I haven’t built up my coupons yet.

The last thing I do is check Ibotta which is a cash back app so you can get money back on your purchases.


Tips And Tricks To Save

1.)  Create A Meal Plan Based on Local Deals

Whenever I’m building my meal plan, I do my best to match it up with the deals that week.

I’ll go to my grocery store’s website and review their weekly deals so that they’ll be in the back of my mind as I plan everything out.

A lot of the time I will change around my meals or make new meals so that most of my ingredients are ones that are on sale. It saves me bunches to do this and it’s the simplest thing that anyone can do to save.

If you don’t have enough time to create a meal plan then you can use the 5 Dollar Meal Plan and have a meal plan sent to you instead. Their meal plans help you spend only around $2 per person and you can even get specialty plans if you’re a vegetarian or on a Paleo diet!

2.) BOGO Is a Girl’s Best Friend

Forget about diamonds being a girl’s best friend! BOGO is what truly brightens up my day!

BOGO means Buy One Get One so if you buy one of that item then you can get another one for free which is great if you’re on a budget (like me).

BOGO Cereal, Soda, Green Beans, Pork, Chicken, etc! Just all the BOGOs please.

BOGOs are amazing for so many reasons but the reason that why I love them so much is because you can add coupons to both items.

So if an item is BOGO with the items usually being $2 each and you get two coupons for $1 off an item then you could get it for free!

3.) Filler! Filler! Filler!

Rice is my favorite filler, but you could use anything that you could buy in bulk for really cheap.

I also like a lot of different pea and bean fillers (Black-eyed peas are delicious).

I try to use as much fillers as I can in my meals. For example, I made some glazed pork (I got the recipe from Budget Bytes) and I laid the pork on top of a layer of rice which made for a delicious and filling meal. Also, the glaze of the pork mixed with the rice and made for a sweet and spicy treat.

So a filler doesn’t have to be something tasteless that you use to just fill up your stomach. It can actually make a meal better by being a mix of flavors and giving you that nice full feeling afterwards.

4.)  Be Flexible With Your Brands

I don’t completely get brand loyalty. A product may taste really good but there is always going to be a product that’s just as good or at least nearly as good for way cheaper.

And even if the cheaper option is not even close to being as delicious, then it can be fixed up a bit with some herbs and spices into something that could be even better.

So don’t be afraid to play around with cheaper brands and see what works.

5.) Get Cash Back On Your Items

Last week I got $12 back on the food I bought by using the Ibotta app. It’s a really cool app that allows you to get some cash back.

I just bought the items that I would have normally bought and then I got rebates on them.

There is a team feature on it where you can invite other people to join you and when your team reaches a certain milestone, then you get extra cash back for each person. The first milestone is an extra $1 for each person.

This is the last thing I do when making my grocery list because while Ibotta is really great, I like to make sure that it's not causing me to buy anything extra or unnecessary but I will occasionally use it as a way to give myself a cheap treat for a job well done.

I’ve only had this app for about 2-3 weeks but so far I’ve gotten $12 back on my purchase so it’s definitely a win in my book.

I’ve heard of a few other apps but I haven’t tested any of those out just yet but I do plan it for next month. I promise to tell you all about it. 🙂

6.) Use Online Coupons

My grocery stores allow for their customers to clip online coupons that you can register in store so I’ll go on there every week to clip the coupons that I know I’ll use.

This doesn’t save me that much but it still saves me a couple bucks which is always appreciated.

What I really love is when you're able to match the coupons with store deals. Cereal products are the easiest to do this with.

7.) Make Your Own Food Instead Of Buying It Already Made

I try not to buy pre-prepared food. So no already made mash potatoes, fries, macaroni n’ cheese, or even bread (My homemade bread is pretty great. It doesn’t even last a day).

It is way cheaper to buy the ingredients separately and then make it yourself.

8.) Eat Leftovers

If you know that you’re going to have extra food left over then on your meal plan, you should dedicate a day on your meal plan to just leftovers.

Or you could do what we do and have those leftovers for lunch the next day. I love doing this because it means less work when it comes to planning and prepping. So all I have to do for lunch is warm it up again.

9.) Create A Shopping List

Stores are designed to market to you in every way shape and form. They place high priced products on the middle shelves so you see them first. They play slow music so you’ll slow down and look at everything more.

It’s really sneaky and could cause you to spend way more than you initially planned, but a list can keep you focused and moving fast towards what you really need.

Besides that, a list is actually the best way to stay organized and to make sure that you don't forget anything.

10.) Become A Pasta Fiend

Pasta is incredibly cheap and there is hardly ever a time where it’s not also on BOGO or at least a coupon for it. Sometimes there’s both.

Pasta is also one of those great fillers but this filler can be the main dish.

Plus, it’s so versatile! You could use pasta as you main dish for every day this week and never have the exact same main dish twice.

You can have regular pasta, spaghetti & meatballs, pasta n’ cheese, pasta stir fry, chicken alfredo, etc.

Pasta can be changed and manipulated in so many ways, from sweet to savory, which makes it so easy to use in your dishes.

So if you’re not already a huge pasta lover then you should consider it because it is deliciously cheap!


My Goals For March (Wish Me Luck)

Save 40% on groceries for the Month – I’ve got a secret little way of saving a bit more next month so subscribe and see what it is in my next grocery post 😉

Start and build up a coupon folder with at least 50 Coupons – I desperately need to do this. This is the number one thing that anyone needs to do if they really want to save because it’s easier to match up deals if you’ve got a full arsenal of coupons.

Spend $20 or less on Groceries Each Week –I don't think I'm gonna make this goal but you never know. 🙂

Cut out any non-essentials such as Soda (Mainly Soda) – This is my hardest goal yet. My poor soda addicted body is going to die L

Find more apps to get cash back – I already got a list and I’m checking it twice.

Create a tiny garden – I’m planning on planting some potatoes! I always buy potatoes. They are amazing and versatile. Also, Herbs. So delicious.


My Ultimate Goal!

My Ultimate Goal might seem a little crazy but I really want to eventually only spend $1 a day ($7 per week) on groceries.

I know! I know! It’s a little insane, but when I look on Pinterest and see other people struggling to do what I do normally and spend less than $35 a week with 2 people, it really seems possible. If I actually apply myself further then maybe it won’t be so out there for other people too.

This Idea originally came to me when I was watching this documentary on Netflix about these people who were living on a dollar a day, and they had whole families that they were taking care of!

If they can do it with a family of 5 or more then I certainly feel like I, at the very least, can do it while taking care of only one other.

Besides, it will be a fun adventure that I can tell you guys about. 🙂


I’ve Got A Question For You!

What’s something you’ve done to save money on groceries?

I would love to hear what you have done to save money so that I can make my goal a reality.

Farwell, Workers! All this food talk has made me hungry. ^-^

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